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charlie does surf: purveyors of pure surf
experience, promoters of integrity
and the simple pleasure of a life in the water.


We are a Filipino collective that champions local surfers and local surf culture. All the Charlie Does team
have the opportunity of a full educational or vocational scholarship. We are extremely proud of our graduates
and graduate program.  All we do we do together.We believe that the golden age of surfing is now.

All of us work to maintain this ideal.


charlie does:
sabang beach | baler


Baler has been surfing since 1976, when, on completion of filming, the crew of Apocalypse Now
left  the boards from the movie’s extraordinary surf scene behind. Charlie Does Surf was formed as
a project to offer local surfers employment, education, and a comfortable place to hang out
and play chess when not in the water. 




From the original small surf-shack offering lessons and board rental,we have expanded our fellowship
to include, kayaking, bike rentals and tours, skateboard lessons, rentals, and tours, trekking, rappelling,
glamping, yoga, and, staying true to our roots, exclusive surf tours. We also offer a range of
community based workshops and language classes at our Sea Suite facility.


the collective:


Charlie Does is a collective enterprise that works for positive change. Where others see problems
we see possibilities. We evolve and involve, and work to ensure that the changes that happen around us
are changes for the better. Charlie Does is about positive change for the local community, positive
change that protects the environment, and being a positive change in the wider world.

Charlie Does is much more than a name;
Charlie Does is a positive statement.



charlie does stuff: what we do

Charlie Does Tours


Charlie Does Tours offers you the opportunity to explore the best that Baler and its surrounds have to offer. From Charlie Does Tours we can take you kayaking, glamping, biking, trekking, skateboarding, or rappelling. Alternatively you can rent equipment and go exploring yourself. At Charlie Does Tours we also offer effortlessly cool, and highly efficient Empyrean Mopeds for rent, or, traditional motorcycles for longer heavy-duty trips. All our activities focus on quality and safety of both experience and equipment, whilst offering you the opportunity to customize your experience – if you want to take a few days to kayak down the coast of Aurora, camping along the way, for example, we can make it happen.


Charlie Does X Quiksilver:

In the summer of 2015 Charlie Does was proud to partner with Quiksilver.


We cannot thank them enough for believing in us and what we are trying to do.

Watch this space.


Justice is Surfed:

We can't talk about Charlie Does without talking about Justice. Justice is what we are about: job creation, skill transfer, and creating opportunities.

Justice also happens to be our blind Lab. He is a charger. A wave-biter. A terror. Our team mascot. If you've ever come in the Big Shack you'll have heard him, or seen him. He might have knocked your drink over, stumbled over your board, barked in your ear, slept at your feet.

He is utterly harmless.

Unless you stand between him and a wave.



If you are interested to see what we make, or our friends make take a look around our small shop. Occasionally we'll add more items. Keep an eye on our blog for updates.